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Canteen phone number:  0459 599 114

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The School Canteen is run by a sub committee of the P&C for the purpose of providing healthy and nutritional food for students at the school. The Canteen is open Wednesday to Friday for recess and lunch. The Canteen price list is available in the link below.

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Canteen Ordering Information

The School Canteen Manager is employed by the P&C. The viability of the School Canteen relies on parents volunteering their time to assist the Canteen Manager. Whilst we ask for a commitment of one day per month from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm, any amount of time, no matter how limited or infrequent, would be helpful. The Manager would be pleased to organise times to suit the particular needs of parents and this can be arranged either by phoning the Canteen or calling in. You are most welcome to call in at the Canteen during the first weeks of term, to see how it operates and have a cup of coffee.

Canteen prices are kept to a minimum, consistent with covering costs. The Canteen is not run as a profit making enterprise but in the event we do make profits they are utilised by the P&C to assist in improving the facilities of our canteen and ultimately for our children.

If you would like to volunteer or contact canteen staff, please email us.