The 2015 P&C’s main fundraising and community event was the Fete.  The theme was the “International Year of Light”. We raised approximately $30,000. Over recent years the P&C has raised tens of thousands of dollars for Aranda Primary.  For example, each year we provide teachers and staff with a gift for World Teachers day and fund the Just 50 Words program at school – a program to encourage kids from Preschool to Year 6 to write.  Other examples of our funding include:

2015 - $27,000 given to school for:

  • the school grounds upgrade including new 3/4 playground
  • purchasing Big Books and Big Books shelving for preschool and kindergarten
  • supporting teachers professional development, financially allowing teachers to attend the ANIA Conference in July
  • Supporting “Don’t forget your SOCS” encouraging spending in our local community on local businesses

2014 - $16,000 given to school for:

  • Science Resources kits, equipment and storeroom
  • Star Literacy Intervention Program and reading kits
  • Maintaining and upgrading School Canteen
  • Swimming caps for school athletes, beanies for Cross Country Athletes, sunhats for overseas visiting students.
  • Milo Reading Program for years 5 and 6

2013 - $40,000 given to school for:

  • Landscaping, including upgrading paths, seats around trees, supporting the kids vegetable patch.
  • Resources for ICT, Sport, literacy, maths and chess club.
  • Bluearth Profession Learning Program – increasing teachers physical education skills

2012 – moneygiven to school for:

  • Landscaping the school grounds, preschool and Kindergarten vegetable beds and mosaics, and Indigenous Gardens Program.
  • Purchasing four school sports banners, percussion instruments, maths resources and Language Perfect software for years 3-6
  • Bluearth Profession Learning Program – increasing teachers physical education skills
  • Nutrition Australia Audit and Canteen Review and menu upgrade.
  • Nominations and awards for NEITA Teaching awards from the P&C.

2011 - $20,000 given to school for:

  • IT Resources,  Read-a-thon book prizes
  • Keeping the Canteen running
  • Home readers and School Library books and resources
  • Preschool resources including fridges, cameras, toys and play equipment.

2009 and 2010 - $28,000 given to school for:

  • new pianos (also used in the Aranda Music and Arts Program)
  • Supporting the Nightingales choir trip to Port Macquarie
  • Supporting the Thinking Carnival for kids at school
  • Fitting out the Uniform Shop Cupboards and providing kids art smocks