P & C Constitution

The Aranda Primary School P&C operates as a non-profit organisation to:

  • support Aranda Primary School.
  • a forum to further the education and social needs of the students at Aranda Primary School and the community at large.
  • matters relating to the education and well-being of the school community with appropriate authorities, including the Aranda Primary School Board, the Principal and the ACT Education department.
  • interest in the concepts, aims and challenges of education generally and those of Aranda Primary School in particular.
  • projects and co-operate with other organisations in projects involving Aranda Primary School.
  • views from the P&C to the Board.
  • money to support these aims.

The P&C Constitution was most recently amended in June 2015, to align the P&C AGM with the financial year (rather than the calendar year).  This will enable a new P&C Committee to be elected each Spring and ensure an overlap with the old committee.