Key Resources


A part-time School Counsellor is part of our school’s staffing configuration. Services include: counselling for students, family support, some educational assessments, student management at school and home as well as working with classes and small groups. The Counsellor works closely with class teachers and the Special Needs Committee. Parents may contact the Counsellor directly, or through the class teacher, for confidential discussion about their child’s emotional/social/behavioural and educational adjustment. Referrals to a range of outside agencies can be facilitated by the Counsellor

Special Needs Committee

A Special Needs Committee meets each week to discuss and review students. Areas of focus may include physical, learning, social, behavioural or health concerns. The Committee comprises the School Counsellor, Principal and/or Deputy Principal, Learning Assistance Teacher and the class teacher of students being discussed. Through this process staffing resourcing, special programs, referrals to outside agenices, physical resourcing, specialist testing, referrals to specialist classes in other ACT Government schools etc, can be identified and put in place.

Learning Assistance Program

This program aims to provide appropriate learning experiences for students who are assessed as needing additional assistance in the Literacy and Numeracy areas. This takes the form of individual and small group lessons and sometimes additional teacher or teacher assistant support in class. It also aims to provide support for teachers and parents of these students through the provision of resources, advice and information. The primary assessment tools for these programs are department testing processes, PIPs in Kindergarten and NAPLAN in Year 3 and 5.

Reading Recovery is part of the Learning Assistance Program. It is an early intervention program for students who are having difficulties in learning to read and write after twelve months at school. The student receives daily, individual instruction, for approximately 12-20 weeks to assist them to develop a degree of competency and independence in reading and writing.

Library Resource Centre

The Library Resource Centre is an integral part of the school. The Library is used by all classes, groups and individuals for research, borrowing and browsing. The Library system is computerised with the Oliver library online system. In addition to class and group visits, the Library is open during lunch time and students are welcome to use the facilities at these times. Loss and damage to resources must be paid for by the borrower. The teacher/librarian is always grateful for any parental assistance with library tasks.