Aranda Primary School Board

2017 Voluntary Contributions

Aranda Primary School has a reputation for academic excellence and high satisfaction amongst our parents and students. This is not accidental and arises from the dedication and efforts of the school staff and community and the resources they have to employ.

The 2017 voluntary contribution letters and confidential payment information slip were sent home with students on Thursday 18 May 2017.

For K-6 voluntary contribution amounts remain the same as they have been since 2011: $200 for a single child or $300 if you have two or more children attending the school.

Voluntary contributions for pre-school is $200 per child.

To pay the 2017 voluntary contributions, simply complete and return the confidential payment slip attached to the letter, and pay using one of the payment option methods described on the form. Should you require further information in relation to the payment methods please contact the Business Manager through the Front Office on 6142 3030.

Families can elect to have their contributions split into three funds – Library Fund, Building Fund and General Fund, noting that donations to the Library and Building Funds are tax deductible.

Last year’s voluntary contributions from the families of the children that attend Aranda Primary School made a significant contribution towards improvements in school facilities, such as library resources, science equipment and science fair prizes, readers and chess equipment.

2017 Aranda Primary School Board Members

Title Name
Executive Officer Phil Gray
Parent Reps

Richard Saberton, Troy Heland and Donald Lowe

Staff Reps Anastasia O'Donnell and Janine Collins
Community Rep Ian Harding

Members of the Board can be contacted through the Front Office on 6142 3030.

Parent Help  (Word 38.5 KB)

Student Self Portrait. Cubist style, oil pastel. In art lessons students learn about and experiment with different styles of art.Self Portrait. Oil pastels on water wash. Students are encouraged to explore their identity with the visual arts.