Government Funding

Aranda Primary School is given a basic allocation of funds from the ACT Education Directorate. This amount is based on the number of students enrolled and covers only some school expenses. The School therefore relies heavily on Voluntary Contributions to provide educational resources.

Voluntary Contributions - Directorate Statement

For many years, students have benefited from the additional resources provided through voluntary financial contributions from parents, carers and other citizens. These contributions have assisted the school to conduct additional programs and activities and purchase educational material.

The School Board has suggested the following contribution will directly support the educational programs by the school. This voluntary contribution may be made in full or in part or by instalments. (see list below)

Section 27 of the Educational Act 2004 however clearly states that
a) each contribution must be voluntary
b) a child is not to be refused benefits or services because the child's parents do not make a contribution
c) a child is not harassed for contributions
d) any record of contribution is confidential.

Schools may offer to facilitate some specific optional items, activities and services for which parents may be required to pay if they want their child to access them.

Board Voluntary Contributions

At the beginning of each school year the Board will ask you to consider making a voluntary contribution to enable it to continue its well-established role in making Aranda Primary School a vital, enriching and forward-looking educational environment for our children. The Board will present you with a rationale outlining suggested levels of contributions for that year.

Contributions may be made into three funds: a General Fund, a Library Fund and a Building Fund, the latter two being tax-deductible. Suggested contribution amounts are based on the number of children in your family.

When a building priority is identified by the Board, a Building Fund which is tax deductible can be contributed to by parents and members of the community. Pojects that have been supported by the Building Fund are the outdoor shade shed and new landscaping in the Courtyard of Time (the 5/6 courtyard).

All of these purchases rely upon the commitment and generosity of our parent community. Please support your Board when contributions are called for early in the year.

P&C Fundraising

The P&C has funded many school resources including –

  • the senior playground
  • mathematics resources
  • the Courtyard of Time
  • a large amount of ICT equipment
  • texts to support all curriculum areas
  • significant additions to the library collection
  • "Just 50 Words" writing competition
  • the Thinking Carnival
  • school landscaping
  • student state representatives in various disciplines
  • robotics program

Student Support Funds

The school has limited student support fund that can be used to assist students attending camps and expensive excursions. Parents who find that they need assistance from this fund should approach the Principal or Business Manager.

Community Support

The school has benefited greatly from the generous support of members of the community making donations to the school of both goods, services and time and such contributions reinforce the partnerships on which our school is built. Please contact the Principal if you think your business could make a contribution.