Reporting to Parents

Aranda Primary School believes that communicating student achievement in the most effective way possible is Parent involvement in children's education is an important factor for successessential. Our aim is to develop a partnership between teachers, parents and students to ensure reporting is timely, accessible and informative.

  • Students need feedback and opportunities to reflect on their learning so that further learning can occur.
  • Parents need thorough information about students and need to be involved in the reporting process through a variety of communication methods.

Term 1

Parent Information Sheet - distributed Week 2 - gives parents the opportunity to provide teachers with useful information about students.

Three-Way Conferences - The first interview of the year provides the opportunity to meet teachers, discuss the year ahead and share information about the child. It is also an opportunity to set goals for student’s academic and social growth for the current year. The teacher and the student also set goals which are discussed at the interview.

Term Overviews - Each term parents/carers receive an outline of the curriculum program and complementary events that are the focus of the term program. Class organisation, expectations and special events are also included.

Term 2

Term Overviews - distributed Week 1.

Mid Year Reporting - A school produced report, an A to E federally mandated report and student portfolios go home at the end of term. Interviews are then held if requested by parent or teacher.

Student Portfolios - Portfolios provide examples of student work. Work samples have descriptors of the task and outcomes achieved. They show process and finished products. Portfolios and reports should be read together.

Term 3

Term Overviews - distributed Week 1.

Learning Journeys - parents/carers visit the student in class and are taken on a “learning journey” by the student. Portfolio sharing is included.

Three-Way Conferences - The Term 3 interview process represents another opportunity to engage with the school to celebrate students’ successes and to observe them coordinating and conducting a three-way conference. It is also another opportunity for the students to share their progress over the last six months and to reflect on the goals set at the beginning of the year

Term 4

Term Overviews - distributed Week 1.

End of Year Written Reports, A to E Reports and portfolios - distributed Week 9.

Parents or teachers can request an interview at any time if there is an issue - academic, social, medical, family - that needs to be addressed.Please contact the Front Office if you would like to make a booking.