Sun Protection

Students are required to wear hat when participating in outdoor activities between the months of September and May. They are especially encouraged to wear sunsmart hats like this one.

Aranda Primary School uses the following guidelines when implementing the ACT Department of Education’s Sun Protection Policy Guidelines for ACT Schools.

The School Will:

  • Encourage students to wear bucket hats, broad brimmed hats or legionnaires hats. Following a recommendation by the Cancer Council, students are not required to wear a hat during the winter months of June and July. This is in order to maintain adequate vitamin D levels.
  • Encourage students not wearing hats to play in shaded areas such as on the multipurpose court, under the trees, on the covered playground equipment, under the wide eaves of the school, under the covered walkway between the main building and the portable, or under the large overhangs at the end of the upper and lower corridors and outside the hall and gym, or in the Library.
  • Have students eat lunch in the shade when eating outdoors.
  • Encourage students to wear clothing that adequately covers neck and arms.
  • Provide sunscreen for students to access at any time during normal school days.
  • Be aware of students with vulnerable skin types and encourage sunscreen use.
  • Encourage students to apply sunscreen at home before sporting events and excursions.
  • Encourage the arrangement of alternative venues for sport and PE activities for students not wearing hats, enabling them to participate in physical activity, e.g. taking the whole class to Gym or Hall if there are significant numbers of hatless students, or exercise or jogging under trees for individuals without hats if at the oval.
  • Incorporate education programs that focus on skin cancer prevention into the school Health and PE curriculum and use all opportunities to reinforce the SunSmart message.
  • Encourage all staff to act as positive role models for students in all aspects of SunSmart behaviour. This includes wearing hats for all outside lessons and outside duties and wearing SunSmart clothing, hats and sunglasses and modeling applying sunscreen at camps and on all day excursions.
  • Ensure that staff, and High School and College students with visiting sports clinics act as positive role models in SunSmart behaviour.
  • Seek ongoing support from parents and the school community for the SunSmart policy and its implementation through newsletters, at assemblies and at parent meetings, etc.
  • Include sun protection information in notes home about sporting events or excursions.
  • Ensure that 30+ broad spectrum sunscreen is included in the first aid kits that are taken on excursions.
  • Review the SunSmart policy annually by completing Attachment B to assess areas that may need review.

Parents Will:

  • Ensure that bucket hats, broad brimmed hats or legionnaires hats are sold by the Uniform Shop.
  • Support the Aranda Primary School Sun Protection Policy Implementation Guidelines.
  • Be encouraged to provide their children with a bucket, broad brimmed or legionnaires hat.
  • Encourage their children to wear their hat to and from school and when outdoors at school.
  • Encourage their children to apply sunscreen before prolonged periods outdoors, e.g. at sporting events or excursions.
  • Be encouraged to apply sunscreen before leaving home on days where there are sporting events or excursions.
  • Be encouraged to act as positive role models by practising SunSmart behaviour when volunteering at school sporting events or excursions.
  • Provide their children with sun safe tops for outdoor swimming events (at an age appropriate level).

Students Will:

  • Be aware of the Aranda Primary School Sun Protection Policy Implementation Guidelines
  • Take responsibility for their own health and safety by being SunSmart.
  • Be encouraged to be aware of their skin types and the need for the particularly fair skinned students to be vigilant.
  • Wear a school approved hat when outdoors.
  • Apply their own 30+ broad spectrum, water resistant sunscreen before going outdoors for extended periods of time such as sporting events or excursions.
  • Use shaded or covered areas when outdoors and not wearing a hat.
  • Be encouraged to act as positive role models for other students in all aspects of SunSmart behaviour.