Good Mood Food Canteen

Our Team

Helen (Canteen Manager) and Natalie (Assistant Manager) are the faces of our Canteen.

The Good Mood Food Canteen management team is supported by a subcommittee of the Aranda P&C Association.

Year 5/6 students assist in the Canteen at recess and lunch. This gives them the chance to build skills in customer service, food handling and hygiene, maths, communication, teamwork, and the all-important cleaning up! We couldn’t do without our student helpers!

When are we open?

We are open Wednesday, Thursday & Friday (3 days a week) between 8:45 am & 1:30 pm for recess and lunch orders.

Where are we?

We are between the school gym and hall. The service counter is accessed via the hall.

Parents are welcome to visit the canteen facilities (enter through the “Uniform Shop”).

What’s on the menu?

canteen menu.pdf (61kb)

We add special seasonal items to our menu and run special lunch days each term. Please watch out for notices about these in the school newsletter or year group emails.

How do I make an order?

There are two main ways to buy food from the Canteen:

  1. Pre-order your recess and/or lunch online via Flexischools
  2. flexischools logo

  3. On “Fun Days” you can buy directly from the canteen counter

How do I ask questions or contact the Canteen?

Your questions might be answered by our Good Mood Food Canteen FAQ

Keen to volunteer, need help with online ordering/changing orders, other questions?

P: 0459 599 114 or Email: – or pop in any time that we are open.