English as an Additional Language or Dialect (EAL/D) Program

The EAL/D Program aims to provide children who have English as an Additional Language or Dialect with the opportunity and support to develop fluency and confidence in all areas of English.

Children may be eligible for the program if a parent nominates their child speaks or is exposed to another language other than English in the home.

The EAL/D program assists children to cope with educational requirements and emotional situations in their new environment. Trained specialist teachers support children from Kindergarten to Year 6 within their classrooms. All classroom teachers play a vital role in the EAL/D program. The EAL/D teachers are a resource working alongside classroom teachers to plan and meet the specific needs of students. We also utilise the Belconnen Primary Introductory English Centre located at Charnwood-Dunlop Primary for those students newly exposed to English.

In addition to academic support, the Aranda Primary EAL/D program also offers students and their families social support and an opportunity to engage with other EAL/D families and the Aranda community. Two highly anticipated events we offer are the EAL/D breakfast for families in Term 1 and the end of year EAL/D Christmas party for students.

Aside from formal events, the EAL/D staff are always available to support families and students with navigating general school life in Australia, including volunteering in the classroom, filling in notes, preparation for excursions and camps and accessing basic school requirements such as book packs and uniforms.

More information can be found on the Education Directorate website.