Enrichment Programs


“The Gifted and Talented Students Policy 2021 reflects the ACT Government's continued interest in pursuing the very best provisions to meet the learning needs of gifted and talented students.

Currently, in Australia, the definition most used by education departments is Francoys Gagné’s Differentiated Model of Giftedness and Talent (2.0) (DMGT). The DMGT acknowledges “that giftedness is a broad concept that encompasses a range of abilities: it also recognises that giftedness is only potential and must go through a transformative process in order to become a talent” (ACARA, 2013).

GIFTEDNESS designates the possession and use of outstanding natural ability in at least one domain (intellectual, creative, socio-affective, sensorimotor), to a degree that places an individual in the top 10% of age peers.

TALENT designates the outstanding performance or competency in at least one field of human activity (academics, arts, business, leisure, social action, sport, technology) to a degree that places an individual in the top 10% of age peers in that field (Gagné, 2009).

The Gifted and Talented Students Policy aligns with contemporary research in many fields regarding the development of talent. “  ACT Gifted and Talented Policy 2021

Once a student has been identified as gifted, Aranda Primary uses appropriate educational interventions and strategies to cater for their individual needs. Developmentally appropriate programs for gifted and talented students include a combination of provisions to allow students access to meaningful learning opportunities through a differentiated curriculum, and including approaches such as:

  • enrichment experiences;
  • counselling interventions;
  • acceleration options; and
  • grouping.

Some examples of these at Aranda Primary include open-ended teaching strategies that allow all students to experience learning at their own level of potential.  Teachers at Aranda skillfully identify all students’ needs and differentiate the learning within their classrooms to cater for different abilities and needs across all subject areas.

In addition to this, Aranda continues to partner with GATEWAYS to provide enrichment opportunities for teacher and parent identified students in the form of specialised programs and events. These events range in subject to allow a broader range of students to be selected to attend.

Maths Olympiad and Maths Games is a yearly program incorporated into the Aranda curriculum that provides extended problem-solving challenges to students in Years 4-6 that have been identified as talented in the area of Mathematics.

The annual Science Fair is a perfect opportunity for students to demonstrate their interests in Science and Engineering and is open to the entire Aranda community to participate in.  This challenging project enables students to delve deeply into areas of their own interest and apply Scientific reasoning and process to investigate a problem.

Lunchtime clubs such as Extension French, gardening club and specified sporting teams are offered to interested students who have shown aptitude in learning and applying their skills in these areas.

There are also opportunities for students to participate in after school music, drama, and art that specialise in developing the talents of those students gifted in the area of the Arts.

The teachers at Aranda Primary have regular opportunities to develop their understanding of successfully identifying students and developing programs and lessons to meet their particular needs. Several staff members have additional qualifications in Gifted and Talented education and support the entire staff to successfully make adaptions for students that have been identified as Gifted.

The school counsellor also plays an important role in the initial identification process. Once identified and assessed for giftedness an Individual Learning Plan assists teachers and parents to set individual learning goals for each of the identified students.

The following are a sample of additional and specific enrichment programs offered at Aranda Primary.

Instrumental Music Program (IMP)

Aranda Primary has two bands - a Year 5 and a Year 6 band. Both bands have a variety of woodwind and percussion instruments. These groups are part of the ACT Instrumental Music Program. Students in Year 5 are assessed as to their suitability for participation in the program at the beginning of the school year through a listening test. No previous instrumental experience is required. The twenty-three students invited to join the band will have demonstrated co-operative team skills. A commitment to home practice is essential. Students continue in the band for two years. Costs are associated with participation in this program.

Academic Competitions

The school annually enters a range of these competitions which are for students in Years 3-6. The competitions offer extension experiences in English, Mathematics, Writing, Science, and Computing. There is a cost for these competitions.

The Aranda Nightingales performing at Port Macquarie


Students have the opportunity to extend their musical skills through singing and breathing instruction in our Junior and Senior School Choirs.

Public Speaking

All Year 4 - 6 students participate in the ACT Public Speaking Competition organised by Rostrum each year. One student is selected to represent the school at the interschool competition.

Aranda students are given the opportunity to test their skills at local chess competitions

Guest Speakers and Visiting Performances

Expertise from a variety of performers, authors, and guest speakers is highly valued at Aranda Primary School. Students have opportunities to participate in a wide range of stimulating programs that are incorporated into ongoing classroom programs.


Aranda Primary has a range of robots for use across the school.  Cubettos in Kindergarten, Beebots in Years 1 and 2, Spheros in Years 3 and 4, and Lego Mindstorm EV3 in Year 5 and 6. Students are engaged in a variety of coding and problem solving activities. There is also an opportunity for students in Years 5 and 6 to be involved in the Robotics club held once a week.