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Students at Aranda Primary School are strongly encouraged to take pride in belonging to Aranda Primary School by wearing the school uniform. To show our pride and promote our school identity, it is particularly important that students wear the uniform at all outside public activities, performances and excursions.

Girls' Uniform Options. In summer, girls may wear either black skorts (shown here) or black shorts with a short sleeved red polo shirt. In the winter, girls may also choose to wear a winter skirt with a red polo top.

Our uniform is based on our school colour code of red, white and black. Our clothes carry the school logo. All students wear a red polo shirt and polar fleece. Students have a choice of black tracksuit pants, black shorts, bootleg pants or black skorts. Students can also wear the school summer dress, winter pinafore or winter skirt. Red SunSmart school hats (three choices of style) are worn by all students. See the Aranda Primary School Sun Protection policy. Black shoes or sneakers are encouraged.

Uniform Shop

Parents can buy Aranda Primary school uniforms from the Uniform Shop. School backpacks and library bags are also available. The Uniform Shop also sells good quality used uniform items.

Uniform Shop profits go to the Aranda Parents and Citizens Association for spending on children at the school. The Uniform Shop is run by parent volunteers.

New uniform items can be purchased via Flexischools by logging on to www.flexischools.com.au. All items purchased before 5 pm on Thursdays during term time will be delivered to classrooms on the following Friday.

Due to COVID requirements, the Uniform Shop is unable to accept returns for new items. All items on Flexischools have centimetre guides in the item description to assist in determining the correct size for your child.

Some Girl's Winter Uniform Options: A winter pinafore with a long sleeved red polo shirt or black pants with a long sleeved polo shirt. The polo shirt is being worn with a red polar fleece jacket.

Second hand uniforms can be purchased via email to apsuniformshop@gmail.com.

Please see our current Uniform Shop Price List

Contact the Uniform Shop

The Uniform Shop can be contacted via email at apsuniformshop@gmail.com

Boys' Uniform Options. In winter boys can wear long black pants with the long-sleeved red polo shirt. Between the months of September and May, children are expected to wear head protection such as this sunsmart broad-brimmed hat. Boys and girls can also choose to wear a red polar fleece vest (shown here) or long sleeved red polar fleece jacket. Boys' Uniform Options. The boys' uniform consists of either black shorts or black tracksuit pants combined with a short or long sleeved red polo shirt.Uniform Options. As a Sunsmart school Aranda Primary expects students to wear either a Legionnaire's cap (left), a broadbrimmed hat (left) or a bucket hat (not shown) between the months of September and May and are available from the uniform shop. Also available from the shop are red polar fleece vests (right) or jackets (not shown) and a good quality backpack with the Aranda School Logo.